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Sharing spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel February 27, 2007

Filed under: Software — Hemant @ 8:11 am

When was the last time you needed to quickly collect some information from you colleagues and you couldn’t find an easy way to do this? When was the last time you opened an Excel Spreadsheet and it said “This workbook is locked for editing by user blah. What would you like to do?”

Problem is many people doesn’t know about a neat feature of Microsoft Excel which allows collaboration and sharing of Excel Spreadsheets. This essentially means, more than one user can edit a spreadsheet at the same time. Interested in how to do this?

In Microsoft Excel 2003, you need to follow “Tools > Share Workbook” menu:

In Microsoft Excel 2007, this option is located in “Review” ribbon:

Firing above option shows a dialog presenting a check-box which says something like “Allow changes by more than one user at the same time..blah blah”. Select this option and save the work book in a network location where all the persons who need to edit this workbook has write access and you are done!


2 Responses to “Sharing spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel”

  1. Pankaj Jangid Says:

    Google “Docs and Spreadsheets” are easier to use and share online.

    MS Office is not usable on any other platform than MS Windows.

    If we buy enterprise version of Google Applications then it is just $50 per year and we get a loads of features.

  2. Hemant Jangid Says:

    Pankaj Jangid didn’t forget to mention that Google docs and spreadsheets are easier to use and share online. I agree with you Pankaj, but I cant help myself think of following questions:

    1. I heard that MS Office has a Mac version available. Am I wrong?

    2. Sure MS Office prominently works on Windows but how many home users in the world are not using Windows operating system?

    3. Will I be wrong if i say “MS Office is most widely used piece of software in the world”?

    4. How does it feel to use Google Docs and spreadsheets if you are using a dial-up internet connection?

    5. What is the reach of fast (broadband) internet in many countries in the world?

    Having said that, I accept that Google Docs and Spreadsheets rock but it certainly has a long way to go. Google Docs and Spreadsheets are perhaps the future and I wouldn’t hesitate to put my money on it but MS Office is “present”! It is going to be here at least for a while.

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