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Feeling like have to buy a restaurant to have dinner? January 12, 2007

Filed under: Delphi — Hemant @ 6:29 am

One time or another you might have felt this if you using Delphi 2006 (or Borland Developer Studio as they call it). I came across this Delphi 10 Lite while browsing yesterday and a guy (don’t know who he/she is) has done a great job ripping BDS 2006 and making a light weigth developer environment. Loads in couple of seconds and is lightening fast.

I don’t know whether it is completely legal or not and I don’t care either. Borland should learn from Delphi Configuration Manager and BDS 2006 start up managers. Why they couldn’t add the functionality of various personalities in Delphi 2005 which they had to add later on in Delphi 2006 inspired by the success of Delphi 2005 configuration manager.

Run a google search on “Delphi 10 Lite” and I am sure you will find some download links.

Have Fun


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